When would you use us?

Major Change
The food sector is forced to endure almost constant change.
When embarking on a major programme “Interims” provide direction, experience, focus and necessary resource.

Emergency Situations.

Interim Management Is tailor made to suit emergency situations where a gap in the team may arise without warning. Interim Management enables the continuation of “steady state” operations during a difficult time.

Skill Gaps

The industry is one of the most innovative sectors in all aspects from product creation (NPD) through to packaging and supply.
When new skill requirements are identified to take a company forward the flexibility of an “Interim” allows the business to adopt new directions and ways of working rapidly.

Project Work

The pace of change across the industry requires a company to constantly manage a large project portfolio.
An Interim Manager works as a member of the management team without conflicting priorities. Therefore, the in-house managers can continue to manage the day to day activity.

Fresh Perspective

Interim Managers can be used to provide a fresh perspective to an established business. This might include:
- Revisiting the basics
• The introduction of new technology
• New ways of working
• A raising of commercial awareness.

What do we do?

The Food Manufacturing Consultancy provides management resources to help radically improve productivity and the overall performance of a manufacturing site. We have people who can operate at all levels, from Managing Director to Line Supervisor and in all disciplines, from Chilled and Frozen to Ambient and Fresh products.

Why do it?

For over 15 years we have been successful in providing Interim Managers to both large and small Food Manufacturing organisations and we have an unequalled track record.