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Need to fill a permanent role? Food Manufacturing Consultancy can help

Our extensive network of contacts across the food manufacturing industry gives us access to the very best talent. As well as utilising our register of candidates and our relationship with Interims who are open to permanent job opportunities, we also know senior executives in the employed market looking to make their next move.

We focus on the recruitment of senior managers attracting salaries in excess of £60,000 per annum

Our recruitment process is thorough and confidential

As recruiters, we are in a privileged position to work closely with our clients. Specialising in senior management roles, we operate confidentially and do not disclose specific client details until candidates have been through a rigorous selection process. Those we put forward for consideration will be well qualified and a good fit for your business culture.

We take a bespoke approach to recruitment and work closely with our clients. Understanding the organisation, the business culture and what the job involves are crucial and the more knowledge we have of your requirements the more confident we can be of finding the right candidate. A high success rate is proof of our process.

Responsive to your recruitment needs